Monday, April 11, 2016


This piece simply titled "Superman" is still in my full color stage. This piece was created as a tribute to my favorite DC comic-book artist the one and only "Alex Ross" I love his work. He paints  in  water color but this piece was done in acrylic as it is my medium of choice. it stands a proud 36x48 inches high.
 I just wanted to do his artwork Justice. I hope you all like it. and I hope he does too.
Thank you "Alex Ross" for the Inspiration.
you are truly Great.

Purple Haze Guitar

This Friends is a painting of "Jimi" on a telecaster style guitar, i had lots of fun creating this as well.

Red House

I call this one, "Red House" because its "Red" and I painted it in a "house". (LOL) silly I know, but I have artistic license.
This my friends is also another attempt at full color.. like I've said previously ... "I like it" I'm gonna keep going with it until I change my mind I guess. Or, until "the people" speak up and demand more from me... (lol.) like I said artistic license.

Wild Angel

This colorful back ground was a lot of fun as well... the mixing and blending of the colors trying hard not to mix them but overlap them to create the colors in between.
I just pretended Jimi wasn't there at all, and painted the colors right over him.


This particular painting I'm calling "Experience" due to the psychedelic background. it was a lot of fun creating that tie-die look. still digging' the full color  Jimi thing. I hope you like it

Manic and me

This an actual photo of me sitting on the couch in my home beneath my newest painting at the time..."Manic".  I especially like the shadows in this one.
First full color painting in a really long time.
I think i like it...
I think I'll explore.
"More to come..."

John Leanin'

Ok... Brace yourselves for one of the worlds most horrifying puns.
Alright all braced in?
I call this one John Leanin', get it? get it?   ok nuff said. lol
I told you it was gonna be bad.